Donedeal’s entrepreneur investment club

  • The Capital D is an independent investment club open to a selected group of entrepreneurs – “entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs” – looking for a more active involvement in direct investments;
  • The Capital D members get exclusive or first right access to direct investment opportunities;
  • Together with peers and donedeal partners, TCD members can add value to the growth of the investment through their sector/ product, service, market, lifecycle, strategy, and network expertise;


  • The Capital D’s general investment profile includes: 
    • Smaller and medium sized companies across a variety of markets and sectors; 
    • Companies with a proven concept and sustainable business model;
    • Disruptive companies, or companies focusing on overlooked, underdeveloped or ignored customers; 
    • Companies with a growth mindset through organic growth or buy-and-build; 
    • Companies who can achieve a boost through strategic changes and professionalisation;
    • Companies with a positive  social, environmental, cultural or governance impact;
    • A clearly defined exit strategy