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Gert has extensive knowledge of corporate finance in the European technology and branding space: all aspects of capital raise processes, growth capital, mergers, acquisitions and exits, negotiations, structuring, and dealmaking in sometimes complex and challenging transactions.

Gert’s other domain of significant expertise include innovative strategies that have shaped, transformed and scaled businesses building on 20 years of experience. He has held executive roles as CEO and COO and brings in board level experience from a variety of organisations. He served as close advisor to several entrepreneurs and their teams.

He is used to dealing with high profile interest from media and other stakeholders. A speaker at international conferences, Gert has taught at several European business schools and has published several books, articles, and business cases.

Career History:

  • Member of the Strategic Committee of ThreatFabric, a fast growing niche player in mobile fraud intelligence, detection and visibility;

  • CEO and COO in a number of client companies;

  • Interim/ transition executive in several international blue chip companies such as Canon Europe and Applied Materials Europe among others;

  • Chief Executive of a change management consulting organisation with consultants active throughout Europe and S-E Asia;

  • Managing Director of a strategy-based consulting boutique;

  • Professor at Nijenrode Business School and several business schools across Europe;

  • Ph.D. in Business Administration from the University of Groningen (The Netherlands);

  • Masters in Technology at the Free University of Brussels (in conjunction with Erasmus University Rotterdam);

  • Postgraduate studies in Management at the Free University of Brussels;

  • Masters in Organisational Psychology at the Free University of Brussels


Tel: +33 68086 0289