• Pro-active sector – market – company analyses;
  • Identification/ profiling of potential acquisition and investment targets;
  • Valuations and due diligence;
  • Strategic advisory;
    • Technology adoption and scaling;
    • Global supply chain re-modelling;
    • Digitisation and transformation of companies;
  • Structuring term sheets, deals, and transactions


  • In-depth preparation of the client company and all data;
  • Management presentations, IM, strategic and business plans, investment case;
  • Management and coordination of the transaction process;
  • Support on tactics and participation in negotiations, analysis of offers, and transaction mechanics

special projects

  • Special asset purchases and lifestyle investments;
    • Due diligence of introducers and processes;
    • Support in tactics and negotiations;
  • Direct/ alternative investments and (project) financing solutions;
  • Mentoring, coaching, sparring partner

performance & representation

  • Performance screening and monitoring of direct investments;
  • Business plan and budget reviews;
  • Board preparation;
  • Financial process and reporting improvement;
  • Interim CFO and private FD services;
  • Boardroom representation and governance advisory;
  • Holistic direct investment analysis and reporting


  • Consolidated asset re-statements;
  • Forensic accounting;
  • Liability position statements;
  • Wealth distribution analysis;
  • High-level strategic financial analysis;
  • Cashflow planning and private financial management

Having an acute understanding of our client’s needs, donedeal can act as a “one-stop shop” and tailor our client’s requests for additional services through our network of international and professional alliances.